Website Hosting

The Luxury of Stability… 24/7 Technical Support

Creative monitoring system programmed to take care of our clients’ servers around the clock

You don’t have to monitor your site or server at all nor create a memorial to tell us that your server has stopped, is working slowly or is faulty. There are caring eyes watching and monitoring in your behalf. Buy your peace of mind and guarantee your website success. We identify your server’s problem and work on its solution before you even know it exists.

Technical support available twenty four seven

Integration between services through several divisions. If any problem should happen to you, even if it’s not related to the server, be sure that there more than 5 divisions ready to serve you and follow up with your problem around the clock.

Insurance of money return in case that you are not satisfied with the service

Our slogan is: “You dream, we create”. Thus, we guarantee your satisfaction with the service. In case that you are not satisfied, you can get your money back and cancel registration within 30 days. This service include all hosts, co-hosts, reseller hosts, VPS hosts.

Data Backup (daily/ weekly/ monthly)

With TQNEE, Never worry about losing any data of your site. We have backup system where backups are automatically conducted daily, weekly and monthly internally and externally.

Why should I choose my hosting to be with TQNEE?

We are speaking about not only the best tools and technical support team, but all the capabilities under one roof. What happens if something wrong gone with the programming of your site and you needed a technical support help? What happens if you needed one of the improvements, additional features or online marketing? Therefore, we are glad to provide all these services under one roof with discounts reaching 20% for the hosting clients, an advantage that you’ll never find away from TQNEE.

What makes TQNEE special?

From communication perspective, we are better that other companies and establishments in terms of continuous after-sales services. That comes out of our belief that a client is our client along their registration period and after it is finished as well. That doesn’t exist in many establishments where a client is only a client when they are paying. From a technical perspective, we are distinguished that we are always in front of the others. We are like a leader in the march. We were the first to create professional marketing services in the Arab world, the first to provide distinct services in online marketing and archiving and the first to create our own monitoring systems to supervise the servers and guarantee the stability and quality of the service.

Better Services

Remote Control

Full remote control through a complete dashboard contains all features making your server control easier.

Technical support

Enjoy technical support service around the clock through a technical support team with long experience in the field.


Our protection process works with security systems that makes your site a protected fort against all hacking tries.

100% Uptime

Enjoy keeping your website always online without any disconnection through 100% uptime

Connection Speed

All our servers are functioning on 1 gigabytes speed to guarantee the best and most possible service and stability.

Server Quality

We are proud with our honored clients that we possess the strongest servers, which provides the service with complete stability.

Choose one of the following bundles

Unlimited Space Plan
888 SR


  • Disk space Unlimited
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Control Board Arabic / English
  • Data Base Unlimited
  • Sub Domains Unlimited
  • FTP Unlimited
  • Emails Unlimited
10 Gigabytes Plan
499 SR


  • Disk space 10 Gigabytes
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Control Board Arabic / English
  • Data Base Unlimited
  • Sub Domains Unlimited
  • FTP Unlimited
  • Emails 15 Emails
5 Gigabytes Plan
199 SR


  • Disk space 5 Gigabytes
  • Traffic Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Control Board Arabic / English
  • Data Base Unlimited
  • Sub Domains Unlimited
  • FTP Unlimited
  • Emails 5 emails

Authorized Distributor