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E-commerce is the future; do not stay in the past.

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Are you searching for profitable commerce with lowest costs?

E-commerce has made a revolution in the selling & buying culture. You are no longer forced to go somewhere to make a deal, sign a commercial agreement or buy a product.

Are you a vendor suffering from the high cost of rent?

You don’t need a big capital to have an online store. Form the labor side costs, the online store don’t need a large number of workers as it runs by itself. It works as a manager, a cashier, an accountant …etc. An online store is a complete organization that runs around the clock for no salary.

Would you like to have your own project from house?

You can initiate your online store and manage it from your house. All you need is a PC or a tablet and you can easily manage your store.

Are you searching for a 24 hours technical support?

Don’t worry about the technical support. All you have is to open your store and we will support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We take no holidays.

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Attracting Work Environment

More than 70% of Saudis below 30 years old depend on online communication and marketing means.

Work Hours

Online stores works without stop, which gives the vendors the opportunity to make more profit.


Low Costs of Establishment

Comparing what a vendor needs to establish a traditional store to what they need to establish an online one will make you find that there is not nearly as much as rivalry as e-commerce doesn’t need money, but ideas.

Speed of Spread

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing fields. The e-environment, the fast internet connections, tablet devices and smartphones, which are very common in KSA, helped e-commerce to grow fast.


KSA comes third in the world between countries that possess smartphones

KSA is the third country around the world with users of smartphones. Percentage of smartphone users in Saudi Arabia is (72.8%) that comes after UAE (73.8%) and Korea (73%). The fourth and fifth countries are Singapore (71.7%) and Norway (67.5%).


30 Million Users of the Internet in KSA

A newly issued report has revealed that KSA has around 30.25 million users of the internet. The social media accounts reached about 25 million. The active mobile phones on social media are about 18 million devices. The number of internet users has increased in 2017 by 8 million people, which is a percentage of 34%. The number of social media users increased by 6 million in 2017, a percentage of 32%. In addition, the number of smartphones increased by 2 million devices according to local newspapers.

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Would you like to start your own project with lowest costs?


The size of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia is 30 million SR.

The Saudi Communication & Information Technology Commission have estimated the size of e-commerce between clients and companies to about 30 million SR (8 million dollars), an index that reflects the increasing size of e-commerce in KSA which became one of the largest markets of e-commerce In MENA region. The e-commerce report issued by the Communication & Information Technology Commission has illustrated that the average expenditure per Saudi citizen on e-commerce is 4 thousand SR (1.06 thousand dollars) in 2016. The report also indicated that 42% of the last year online buyers have made their purchases on social media websites and applications.

Some features of the multi-vendor online store

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